The Science Department has two modern fully equipped laboratories with interactive whiteboards and preparation rooms maintained by a very enthusiastic qualified technician. The department is the largest in the school and was rated as “Outstanding” by Ofsted in the most recent inspection. Most of our pupils attain A* to B grades for their GCSE results. We have a new team that have been working together for the past three years. In that time, we have maintained 100% A* to C in our GCSE results.


The teachers at the science department felt that our pupils needed more challenge at GCSE level and required a better preparation for the study of Biology, Chemistry and Physics at A Levels. Cambridge IGCSE provided the solution. It is a linear course
rather than modular. This means that students take all the exams at the end of year 11. Cambridge IGCSE is now accredited and funded for state schools and benchmarked to the same standard and is the equivalent, grade-for-grade, as UK
GCSE. Please refer to Cambridge IGCSE website for more details.

IGCSE Website


Throughout the course, pupils are encouraged to ponder over the beauty of the universe and everything in it. Allah, the Creator of the vast heavens, earth and everything in between, points out His signs in numerous verses of the Quran. Today, we can see that those ‘ayat’ confirm what we are only just discovering in the scientific arena. The Quran and the Sunnah help us to appreciate the scientific development and human existence in a context that provides fulfilment of our desire to seek the truth and as human beings to fulfil our purpose.


The science club helps pupils participate in fun science related activities in a more relaxed environment. This is the place where students need to be if they want to compete in National science competitions and keep up to date with new scientific developments. We have a new programme that involves bringing in scientists at the forefront of research to mentor our boys to enthuse and stimulate their interest in science. This is in addition to the various science trips that take place across London every year.

Science Competitions such as: British Physics Challenge (The British Physics Olympiad)

At Brondsbury College we teach Science as three seperate subjects.